Norm Kerner is the only real estate agent presently working in Los Angeles who advertises specializing in properties with recording studios that can back up his claim with decades of hands-on experience. Kerner has designed, built and operated 3 world class recording studios and helped in the design and implementation of many others. The latest of his big 3, Perfect Sound in the Hollywood Hills, is quick becoming legendary in Southern California ( for it’s unique design and great sounding rooms . He has produced and engineered dozens of records for every major label as well as composed and arranged for TV and film-and done session work as a guitarist on many records. If you are a buyer who wants a home or warehouse (Kerner does both residential and commercial real estate) with a recording studio onsite, Kerner will show you any and all properties presently on the market that have existing studios as well as properties that he has scouted that in his not so humble opinion would be best for putting a studio in. He will sit down with you and work up potential designs for your studio that will make certain properties stand out as potential candidates to complement your specific production or composition style and needs. And if you are looking to sell a property with an existing studio he will make sure that your property is seen by any music industry professionals who might be looking for just what you have. How? Because after his 30 years in the music and recording businesses he knows everyone. He has worked with and made records for everyone from Rick Rubin to Don Was to T-Bone Burnett to everyone else.

Do not make the mistake of making critical financial decisions without being advised and represented by an agent who has an actual reason to make studio properties his niche. Any agent can do an MLS search and find you a property with a studio on site. But can they tell you whether a studio makes sense there or what you would need to do to modify it etc etc.? Can they tell you what that would cost? Can they represent your studio property to bring you the best chance of having a buyer value all your prior hard work in designing and building your studio? Because the lenders and appraisers for the sale surely won’t value it. They’ll ask about the “tear out cost”. Let’s sell your property to someone who will understand what you did to create it and will pay accordingly.

Every week I speak to another person who expresses regret that they did not work with or at least confer with me before buying the property they bought in the hopes of putting a studio in. Too late they find out the truth about noise, clean power, zoning, costs, permits, neighbors and all the rest that goes into such an important decision. Work with someone who can help with every aspect of the process, including well after the close of escrow. Oh-and btw-Kerner is a hell of a Realtor as well. Was top 10 at Coldwell Banker for years and now at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Los Feliz. Let’s talk.




1) You’re looking to purchase a property (Residential or Commercial) anywhere in the LA area that either has an existing recording studio or has the space and potential for one to be created – or you already own such a property and want to sell it. Being a unique property you want to make certain that it is marketed to it’s fullest potential by an agent who can understand and promote all of it facets-and has the experience, knowledge and contacts in both the real estate and the music/recording industries to make it all happen for you.

2) ) You’re looking to buy or sell a Single Family Residence, Condo, Income property, Warehouse, etc here in the LA area that doesn’t involve a studio space and you want a strong focused advocate for your property, your money, and your time. First time buyers/sellers appreciate my extensive knowledge of real estate laws, conditions and conventions, my patience, and my articulate ability to explain clearly the what, how and why of each step of the process. More experienced real estate clients appreciate my ability to not be fazed by whatever is thrown at me in an escrow situation. If I haven’t seen it all after 30 years in business-I’ve seen enough to ensure that my clients don’t get blindsided by anything! Local? Relocating? Special need properties? Let’s talk.